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RIMS Overview

RIMS Brewery

RIMS, or Recirculation Infusion Mash System, is a very efficient means to convert the starch found in grain to fermentable sugar that are needed to produce beer. Benefits of this system include higher extractions by continuously recirculating the mash through the malts, and better temperature control by applying heat to the circulating flow.

The TapMeister RIMS Brewing System was started over 10 years ago, and completed to its almost final state after three long years of development. The basic mechanical system is similar to many of the other RIMS systems built by other creative inventors. Key distinctive features, however, include compact size and collapsibility for storage, as well as optimized performance and simplified operation at a low cost to build.

Small size was a simple task as RIMS's systems do not require as many tiers as traditional breweries by using the pump. Collapsibility for storage was also easily accomplished by designing the frame to be assembled by several pieces and incorporating key location unions. Simultaneously accomplishing optimized performance, simplified operation and low material costs, however, was not so simple. Industrial controllers are available that allow optimized performance, yet are not that simple, and definitely are not inexpensive. Off the shelf inexpensive solutions do not provide the required performance. The solution was to design a dedicated controller that would easily perform the critical tasks required and could be cost efficiently built.

See System Design, Controller, and Operation for additional details.