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General Operations

Mash water and liquor water is heated either by the dedicated mash and liquor water electric heaters, or by using the kettle propane burner to preheat.

Grain is then added to the mash tun, and the pump pulls the mash solution (future wort from the mash tun and through the heater and back into the mash tun. During this time, the mash heater is modulated to maintain mash at the various critical temperature to provide optimal results.

Upon completed extraction, the converted sugars are drained via gravity into the kettle while simultaneously pumping hot water from the liquor tank to rinse the grains and capture additional converted sugars.

The wort is then boiled in the kettle using the propane burners and hops are added at the appropriate times.

After the boil is accomplished, the wort is pumped through the heat exchanger and into the fermentor, and yeast is added to complete the process.

A detailed sequence of operation is available for specific instructions.